PA Prison Directory Action


image by Pete Yahnke

The Pennsylvania Prison Directory Action has been published since 2004 with intention to provide resources to people incarcerated in Pennsylvania, their families and support networks, and connect organizations working with them. It has been a collaboration between Book ‘Em and HRC-FedUp! Starting in 2013 we have reorganized the guide into sections that can be mailed with one stamp. We thought this would better give people the information they most want and save mailing costs.

The following resources are available:
Legal, Pro Bono and Advocacy on the Inside
Women & Parenting
Social Justice & Advocacy Organizations – Local and National
Pennsylvania Prison, Jails and Court Information -Phone #’s and address
Education on the Inside! Connecting to the Outside
(Penpals, Newsletters, Education, Books, Arts and Writing, Transportation, Virtual Visits, Visitors)
Please download and print out the guides to mail to your loved ones. You can send up to 5 sheets of paper for 1 stamp.
You can request paper versions by writing:
PA Prison Directory Action c/o Book ‘Em PO Box 71357, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
Please Request which Resource Guide you’re interested in and send a SASE if you got it!